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liner notes

But we can't depart without a promise to return, and The Rambles of Spring offers renewal and hope for the future...indeed, if I had my life to live over, I'd surely live over an Irish Pub. Research has indicated that this song is credited to public domain,   but it is also credited to Tommy Makem.Click Here to Buy the CD Online


Let's give him credit here for a wonderful song that is
my favorite to end any evening.

The Rambles of Spring

There's a piercing wintry breeze,
Blowing through the budding trees;
And I button up me coat to keep me warm.
But the days are on the mend,
And I'm on the road again,
With my fiddle snuggled close beneath my arm

I've a fine felt hat,
And a strong pair of brogues,
And resin in me pocket for me bow; :Chorus
And me fiddle strings are new,
And I've learned a tune or two;
So, I'm well-prepared to ramble I must go

I'm as happy as a king,
When I catch a breath of Spring;
And the grass is turning green as winter ends.
And the geese are on the wing,
And the thrushes start to sing;
And I'm headed down the road to see my friend

I have friends in every town,
As I ramble up and down;
Making music at the markets and the fairs.
Through the donkeys and the creels,
And the farmers makin' deals,
And the yellow-headed tinker sellin' wares.

Here's a health to one and all,
To the big and to the small;
To rich and poor alike and foe and friend.
And when we return again,
May our foes have turned to friends,
And may peace and joy be with you until then.


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