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We are happy to offer some special notes on all of the songs on the LIVE CD. Some of the text will be identical to that found on the CD, while there are special comments and further information added--and, of course, lyrics so that you can sing along!. We hope you will enjoy this companion to your CD purchase. There are additional external links to other sites offering lyrics source3s and guitar chords and tabulature for your enjoyment.

liner notes

We pit the boys against the girls on The Drunken Sailor and no audio tape can record the wild antics that result in "style points" awarded to one gender or another during this rousing song. Who do you think won tonight? There are untold numbers of verses to this song, and Brian generally sings those shown below. You can make up your own; we've seen topical and comical lines, such as "Get him a date with Lorena Bobbitt", or "Put him in bed with Janet Reno"...well, it's all in good fun, and the Drunken Sailor won't remember in the morning, anyway. Just a Sample Image


It is important to note that all of these sea shanties had
a purpose, as they paced the efforts of the deckhands
to man and maintain the great sailing ships. This was one
of the favorite "runaway" or "stamp and go" shanties,
requiring no soloists, but sung by all of the hands as
they ran away with the braces when swinging the
yards round in tacking the ship.

The Drunken Sailor


Way hay and up she rises
Patent blocks o' diff'rent sizes;
Way hay and up she rises,
Earl-eye in the morning.

What shall we do with a drunken sailor? (3 times)

Earl-eye in the morning!

Put him in a long-boat till he's sober.

Keep him there and make 'im bale 'er.

Trice him up in a runnin' bowline.

Put him in the scuppers with a hose-pipe on him.

Take 'im and shake 'im and try an' wake 'im.

Give 'im a dose of salt and water.

Give 'im a taste of the bosun's rope-end.

Stick on 'is back a mustard plaster.

Soak 'im in oil till he sprouts a flipper.

Shave his belly with a rusty razor.

Put him in the guard room till he gets sober.


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