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liner notes

We've always liked the Saw Doctors, and I Useta Lover is a comical look at youth and romance in Ireland. We like to remind audiences that every fellow has had his heart broken by someone, and, girls, which one of you was it?  The song is credited to the entire band. Click Here to Buy the CD Online


I Useta Lover

I have fallen for another,
she can make her own way home;
And even if she asked me now I let her go alone
I used to see her up to chapel
when she went to Sunday Mass
I when she'd go up to receive
I'd kneel down there and watch her pass
--The glory of her ass!

I useta love her, useta lover once–
a long, long time ago
I useta love her, useta lover once–
a long, long time ago
It's gone, all my lovin' is gone
It's gone, all my lovin' is gone

D'ya remember her collectin' for
CONCERN on Christmas Eve?
She was on a forty-eight hour fast,
just water and black tea.
I walked straight up and made
an ostentatious contribution;
And I winked at her to tell her
I'd seduce her in the future--
When she's feeling looser!

So now you know the truth of it,
she's no longer my obsession;
Though the thoughts and dreams I had of her
would take six months in confession.
See I met this young one Thursday night
and she's into “free expression”.
And her mission is to rid the world
of its sinful repression...
Then we had a session!

I have fallen for another
she can make her own way home...


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