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We are happy to offer some special notes on all of the songs on the LIVE CD. Some of the text will be identical to that found on the CD, while there are special comments and further information added--and, of course, lyrics so that you can sing along!. We hope you will enjoy this companion to your CD purchase. There are additional external links to other sites offering lyrics source3s and guitar chords and tabulature for your enjoyment.

liner notes

The Mormond Braes is a Scottish tune that gets the evening started as we sing about love, Celtic-style. Brian often points out in live performances that this song explains why "boys are like buses...if you miss one, girls, there will be another along in a minute..."

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The Mormond Braes

As I went down to Strichen town,
I heard a fair maid mourning,
And she was making sad complaint
For her true love ne'er returning.

So fare ye well, ye Mormond Braes,
Where of times I've been cheery;
Fare ye well, ye Mormond Braes,
For it's there I lost my dearie.

There's many a horse has snapper’ed an' fallen,
And risen again for rarely.
There's many a lass has lost her lad,
And gotten another right early.

There's as good fish into the sea,
As ever has been taken.
I'll cast my line and try again
For I'm only once forsaken.

So I'll go down to Strichen town,
Where I was bred and born in,
And there I'll find another sweet lass
To marry me in the mornin'!

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