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october news

Welcome to the Irish Row Newsletter. We're getting caught up with the web site...there's new galleries, including shots from this month all around the Region. Click on the Colorado College revelers at right to go to the gallery at the web site. Current Gallery

Some of the unusual shots included the four in sequence at left, where James meets and declares his affection for Laura, then sweeps her off of her feet. The last frame advises that you'd better not be sweeping people off of their feet until you're sure of your own...just another fun night at Jack Quinn's.

They're mugging for the camera at the Cala Inn

Irish Row is not responsible for poses that you may have thought at the time were clever and now cannot understand (or remember) how or why you ever made them.

If you have pictures that you think should be included in a new gallery, please contact us by clicking on the email icon at the top of this page. Note that any email may be subject to a response from 0Spam, our spam service, to verify your authenticity.

Fado Irish Pub

Join Brian and Brendan Clancy every Wednesday night at Colorado's premier Irish Pub in LODO Denver. Cold pints, the largest patio in the area, and a raucous crew of regulars make for a fun evening every time. Every Wednesday Night, 7:30 pm

Jack Quinn Irish Alehouse and Pub

If it's Thursday, this must be Colorado Springs. Great food at reasonable prices and one of the best bar staffs in Colorado make for a remarkable evening as Brian appears at one of his very favorite Pubs. We've had great audiences, congratulations to the recent grads, and my apologies to the poor girl right off the plane from Germany that I kept telling to "spit out the gum and sing!" Every Thursday Night, 7:30 pm

The Irish Snug

Brian is appearing at the Irish Snug on Saturday nights again, starting at the end of October. The pub is located at 1201 East Colfax on Capitol Hill. Join me as we get reaquainted with the locals and remember...this is one performance that you don't have to get up early the following morning!
Saturday, October 30, 8:30 pm

Conor O'Neill's - Ft. Collins

Here's a great new pub in Ft. Collins on Linden Street in Old Town. Good food and a terrific stage, Brian and Brendan Clancy are working on election night to bring you the results...of just how well they can sing up north! If you're in the area, be sure to join us...the first Tuesday of every month.
Tuesday, November 2, 8 pm


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This is strictly an opt-in newsletter. You can be promptly removed by clicking on the first icon at top left or here.