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Great Galleries!

Greetings from the Irish Row web site...there's new galleries, including shots from this month all around the Region. Click on the Colorado College revelers at right to go to that gallery at Irish Row. Or, you can select many of the galleries directly from this newsletter. Follow the film strip at left to any titled gallery that interests you. They are fast loading and you can view thumbnails on the same page as the photo appears.

Current Gallery

Place your cursor over the photo sequence at left for some commentary from Jack Quinn's. There's lots of photos to review and you're probably in more than one of them! We will be adding all of the rest of the galleries from the past year--or more--and putting them up on the web site for you to view, so check back often.

Hamming it up at the Cala Inn...

Complete New Web Site

The entire web site has been rebuilt, with updated links and features, and more to be added. The site is built using the latest in dHTML technology for fast loading and easy navigation. The calendars are up-to-date, and there are new sound samples and downloads. Check the web site out, and click on the envelope on the top to let us know what you think of the new sure to update any links you have...your best choice should be simply

The CDs Online...

There's actually THREE new web destinations, including Irish Row, Songs From Irish Row Online and Brian Clancy LIVE Online. The latter two offer lyrics and liner notes for each of the CDs, with convenient direct ordering through PayPal. PayPal now takes all major credit cards and bank transfers, and we still have an order form using your personal check.

There's other great lyric and web site links on these pages, as well. A perfect on-line companion to your CD purchase!

New Song Books!

What you've heard is true--everybody has been singing better at our shows lately, because we've got lots of new songs in the 92-page Irish Pub Songbook and plenty of books on hand for your enjoyment. Sponsored by Jameson and Guinness, these new books make an evening with Brian, Brendan and Henry a memorable experience.

If you've viewed some of the galleries, you can pick which Pub is best for you (you can find all of the contact information about the Pubs on the Irish Row Home Page at lower left); now all you have to do is

Fado Irish Pub

Join Brian and Brendan Clancy every Wednesday night at Colorado's premier Irish Pub in LODO Denver. There's a great menu, with full service until 10 pm, cold pints, the largest patio in the area, and a raucous crew of regulars make for a fun evening every time. Parking is available right in front of the pub on the Wazee Street entrance between 19th and 20th Streets.
Every Wednesday Night, 7:30 pm

Jack Quinn Irish Alehouse and Pub

If it's Thursday, this must be Colorado Springs. Great food at reasonable prices and one of the best bar staffs in Colorado make for a remarkable evening as Brian appears at one of his very favorite Pubs. This pub offers the best atmosphere anywhere for great Irish music and fun. Every Thursday Night, 7:30 pm

The Irish Snug

Brian is appearing at the Irish Snug on Saturday nights again, starting at the end of October. The pub is located at 1201 East Colfax on Capitol Hill. Join me as we get reaquainted with the locals and remember...this is one performance that you don't have to get up early the following morning! A full menu is available even late night, with drink specials and more.
Saturday, October 30, 8:30 pm

Conor O'Neill's - Ft. Collins

Here's a great new pub in Ft. Collins on Linden Street in Old Town. With good food and a terrific stage, Brian and Brendan Clancy are working on election night to bring you the results...of just how well they can sing up north! If you're in the area, be sure to join us...the first Tuesday of every month.
Tuesday, November 2, 8 pm

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She checks her Zen for all ten fingers...
Love is's like...'s like being swept off of my feet...

Ah, well, it's not the first time some guy's let me down...
One of the wildest galleries, last winter and spring at the Cala Inn...
Classic gallery with some new additions...
Poor Todd!  Just some of the photos from Fado...more to come!
Some vintage photos from the Cala Inn
Brian and Davey Gannon toured the region...some great outdoor and nature photos...check it out!