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Video Shoot at Jack Quinn
Brian has to postpone his return
New MP3 download capability at IRISHROW.COM

Happy New Year!

First, some quick news...there's a video shoot tonight at Jack would be nice if all of the regulars showed up as best they can--you have to be there by 7 PM to get in for this special event.  I won't be playing until next week, but Ivette asked me to write to you about this...I hope you can make it, it should be fun, and you might even wind up on television...American Idle.  (no, that's not a misspelling).  I know that Richard Gillies is going to be there, and I may just may make an appearance, too!

Brian's updated schedule

OK, I didn't make it this week.  I'm still recovering...they say I will be just fine, but it takes a while.  I'm going to try to do the full schedule next week, starting Wednesday, January 21st at Fadó and appear in all three of my regular gigs.  Check the web site for further information and any changes.

We're fully-booked for the St. Patrick's Day period, and will be adding some new Pubs for our Smithwick's® Series with Henry the Fiddler.

New MP3 Download Feature

Click here to visit our MP3 download pages

One way to enjoy our music easily is to take advantage of the new MP3 album offerings on the web site.  All of our CDs are available for immediate download for only $10 each. Click on the above screen shot to visit the MP3 purchase and download page.

Downloads are all high quality MP3 format, and the LIVE album is available also, now including the "Seven Drunken Nights" track from the original session as the last cut on the album. 

There are only a few of the "Songs From Irish Row" CD still available for purchase at events and on the web site and once they are sold, that CD will also only be available in MP3 format.  So if you are an audiophile interested in having a copy of that CD, order it very soon.

All of our best wishes to you and your family throughout the upcoming months!

Brian Clancy

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