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You can view band members' biographical information by clicking on the names in the jump menu above and clicking on GO. With their first CD release in September, 2000, this band brings a great depth of experience and diversity of appeal to stages around the U. S. Brian and Henry have worked together over the course of nearly thirty years, getting together for brief periods in different regions of the country.

Brian and Henry are both accomplished and sought-after solo performers, but when they team up in an Irish Pub, something truly exciting happens. Brendan adds depth in vocals and guitar, and brings youthful material to the band's performances. Bridget's Irish step dancing highlights not only the musicianship of the group, but makes clear the fact that it's the way this music was meant to be heard and enjoyed--a total experience of sights and sounds and audience participation.

Brian performs regularly as a solo or in duo with Brendan. The full schedule of their appearances can be found in the calendar section of this web site. More information about the band is also available as a downloadable packet, or for viewing, at the Media Kit .