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Brian Clancy - Dingle Moon, California Stars
Here's a new collection of our ballads and pub songs that is very much unique to our own style and selection of Irish and yes, other music. There are songs from Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, and the United States. They all, in one way or another, seem to fit with the musical fabric that we've created over the past years. These songs represent some of the best and certainly the most diverse songwriting talent around Irish music today, and underscore the influences of Irish music on American music, and the inevitable and enjoyable reverse of that. The band for this around-the-world journey includes Brian, Brendan and Henry the Fiddler, with Greg Panos and Richard Gillies. But we're joined by some very special guests, including the Donncha Lynch Band from Cork, Ireland, Brian's longtime song collaborator Leslie Aguillard, Ken Goodwin on piano, and Ron Byrne.
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Brian Clancy - Intro - California Stars - 00:32
Brian Clancy - The Old Dungarvan Oak - 02:20
Brian Clancy - In the City of Chicago - 02:41
Brian Clancy - St. Brendan's Voyage - 04:41
Brian Clancy and the Donncha Lynch Band - Barn Dances - 03:27
Brian Clancy - The Scotsman's Kilt - 02:45
Brian Clancy - Farewell to the Rhondda - 03:03
Brian Clancy - My Cavan Girl - 03:45
Brian Clancy - Red-Haired Mary - 03:16
Brian Clancy & Henry the Fiddler - Cold Frosty Morn - 03:49
Brian Clancy - The Galway Girl - 02:48
Brian Clancy - Las Vegas (In the Hills of Donegal) - 03:27
Brian Clancy - Nancy Spain - 04:26
Brian Clancy - Say You Love Me - 05:00
Brian Clancy - Dublin in the Rare Auld Times - 05:05
Brian Clancy - Ramblin' Rover - 03:27
Brian Clancy - There's a Guy Works Down the Chipshop Swears He's Elvis - 03:20
Brian Clancy - California Stars - 04:08
Brian Clancy - Rain Street - 02:50
Brian Clancy - The Wild Mountain Thyme - 03:42
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