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Brian Clancy - Brian Clancy LIVE
NEW! Now contains the original Seven Drunken Nights recorded during this performance. (R-Rated). There's many the common man, author, politician or musician that has fallen in love with Life in the Pub. Indeed, the sentiment "If I had my life to live over, I'd live over an Irish Pub" has been wished by many a departing patron. On any given night in an Irish Pub, a pub singer observes an audience that radiates fondness for the ambience, the music, the craic and the friendship that surrounds them. Buy this CD Now... We're up there singing the songs that you enjoy, and take heart, ourselves, in seeing listeners that are attentive, singing, clapping, smiling and toasting their friends. This album is a collection of the Pub Songs that we feel are the best loved by our listeners over the past years--judged mainly by the amount of patron participation they've garnered. They are presented here in the same order that they were performed at Fado Irish Pub in Denver, Colorado in May of 2002. For the performance, we brought together audiences from all over the state, including Fado and the Sheabeen Pubs in Denver and Jack Quinn's in Colorado Springs, and a grand contingent of cadets from the U. S. Air Force Academy.
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Brian Clancy - The Mormond Braes - 03:26  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Irish Rover - 02:35  0.00
Brian Clancy - Leaving of Liverpool - 04:18  0.00
Brian Clancy & Henry the Fiddler - Peter Street - 02:29  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Drunken Sailor - 04:18  0.00
Brian Clancy - I'll Tell Me Ma - 03:25  0.00
Brian Clancy - Molly Malone - 03:06  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Ferryman - 02:58  0.00
Brian Clancy - Whiskey in the Jar - 03:14  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Margot Evans - 02:39  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Wild Rover - 03:28  0.00
Brian Clancy - Mick McGuire - 02:18  0.00
Brian Clancy - My Brother Sylveste - 04:27  0.00
Brian Clancy - Reilly's Daughter - 02:07  0.00
Brian Clancy - I Useta Lover - 02:34  0.00
Brian Clancy - Dirty Old Town - 03:02  0.00
Brian Clancy - Black and Tans - 03:35  0.00
Brian Clancy - Finnegan's Wake - 03:39  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Old Dun Cow - 04:59  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Parting Glass - 01:30  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Rambles of Spring - 03:01  0.00
Brian Clancy - Seven Drunken Night (R-Rated) - 06:15  0.00
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