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Brian Clancy - Songs From Irish Row
This CD features Brian Clancy (guitars and vocals), Henry the Fiddler (fiddle and harmony fiddle, musical saw), Brendan Clancy (guitar, dulcimer and vocals), Ernie Martinez (bass, guitar), and Jere O'Neill (accordion on Star of the County Down). The Sheabeen Singers appear on the live tracks. Recorded at Naked Ear Recording Studios in Aurora, Colorado; Ron Byrne, recording engineer and drums.
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Brian Clancy - The Craic Was Ninety - 02:40  0.00
Brian Clancy - Little Beggarman/Red-Haired Mary - 03:24  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Mermaid - 02:47  0.00
Brian Clancy - Ballad of St. Anne's Reel - 03:58  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Patriot Game - 03:54  0.00
Brian Clancy & Henry the Fiddler - Dancin Bear/Tarbolton Reel - 03:18  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Wild Colonial Boy - 03:50  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Old Dun Cow - 03:27  0.00
Brian Clancy - Galway and Mayo - 03:29  0.00
Brian Clancy - Mountain Dew - 02:38  0.00
Brian Clancy - Waltzing Matilda - 03:43  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Town of Ballybay - 02:33  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Star of the County Down - 03:40  0.00
Brian Clancy & Henry the Fiddler - Fiddle Trilogy - 03:18  0.00
Brian Clancy - Johnny MacEldoo - 01:45  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Barnyards of Delgaty - 03:12  0.00
Brian Clancy - The Hard Drinker - 03:30  0.00
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Title:  Bought, Site unseen. Worth the Price!
Review:   I'm a lover of Irish folk and pub music. I had never heard of Irish Row when I purchased this online about 6 years ago. I was merely looking for
Name:  Leonard Brown
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